2010 Style

Meeting & working with so many industry professionals, as I am sure you are aware, often provokes the question, ‘what will you be wearing this year?’

As much as I love to keep my finger on the pulse & follow the latest fashions, 2010 for me is really all about individual style, marching to the beat of your own drums as it were.

I remember a dear friend of mine, in the bid to adopt individuality foolishly took a blow-pen to her trainers… To say the result was unsightly is an understatement; rather it resembled skittle-infused hobgoblin sick. Needless to say that the British Weather was nothing but reliable & I cannot for one minute say I was displeased to see the rain wash a stream of red, green and pink down the footpath. Yet her creativity had to be admired.

Not that I’m asking you to go as far as to Crayola you’re coveted Gucci ‘clemence’ platform sandals nor tie-dye your chino’s. In fact, I’m not asking you to do anything. Do what you like. That is the message after all.