You don’t get a second chance at a first impression…

Do you believe this?

I think as an image consultant I prove this theory wrong on a daily basis. After all, my work (and the whole point of hiring a consultant in the first place), is to have an objective pair of eyes evaluate your current image before advising you on what changes to make towards achieving the end product (whether that is personal satisfaction, recognition, confidence, career progression- whatever!).

Once your image has changed, so does everyone else’s perception of you; how happy you are, how wealthy you are, how fulfilled you are, how relaxed you are, how educated you are… and this list goes on and on.

Even people you may have known for years (like your husband, family, friends or colleagues) will begin to view you in a new light… And so, you have altered their ‘first impression’… What shall we call it? A second impression!!


Underwear: Frills, Chills & Flirtatious Fundamentals

Cup Size
The cup should encase your breast tissue completely; meaning that the wires sit neatly around your breast, and shouldn’t sit on or dig into any of the tissue. If this is the case your cup size is too small.

Another sign your cup size is too small is if your breast tissue bulges over the top of the cup or out at the sides.

If the wires of your bra are pushed out anywhere the cup size is too small.

Back Band

If the back band is too big, it won’t be able to sufficiently support your breasts.

Your back band should sit parallel with our front wires.
If you are able to pull the back band more than 2 inches away from the body with ease then it is too big.

If this is the case, then try a back size smaller, and as you go a back size smaller you may need a cup size bigger to compensate so try both.

Keep in mind ladies- it is the underband that should be providing most of your support… If your bra doesn’t fit correctly the straps will take the weight leaving dents in your shoulders (a clear sign something is up)

Remember that when finding a bra, it is the fit you are looking for. You cannot presume that you are a 36D in every brand!

It has been suggested that 90% of women wear an ill-fitting bra.

A good bra lasts from 2 to five years… So spending the time to get properly fitted and finding a style you like is well worth the effort…
And when you find a great bra- BUY SEVERAL!

A prayer for your hair

Short hair

Short hair on tall women can look empowering, but sometimes quite masculine. If you have a large scale bone structure, strong cheek bones or a square jaw, it can be feminised by soft makeup and wispy hair styles. Having made this point, please don’t then believe that short hair works exceptionally well for women with the opposite shaped face- a round face. A short hairstyle on women with round faces can make their face seem fuller- you need hair longer than chin length.

Hair that falls right at the chin will emphasize a pointy face.

Short hair will draw attention to your eyes, especially with a side-swept fringe that hits precisely on the eye.

Mid-length hair

On the whole, shoulder length hair is universally flattering on everyone.

Hair longer than chin-length works best of women with round faces.

Long Hair

Very short women should avoid long hair as it draws attention to their height and makes them look like an extra from Grange Hill (a British television drama series centered on the fictional comprehensive school of ‘Grange Hill’ first aired in 1978). This also applies to women with long/narrow faces.

Long Hair best suits women with oval or square faces.

All women should avoid hair below their breasts. My, oh my, although The Birth of Venus is a beautiful painting, leave Botticelli to enjoy the credit.

The ‘V –Cut’ is long in the back and shorter along the sides. This cut works for women with heart-shaped faces (the likes of Claudia Schiffer and Michelle Pfeiffer to name a couple), as well as those with Diamond shaped faces (such as Linda Evangelista).


2010 Style

Meeting & working with so many industry professionals, as I am sure you are aware, often provokes the question, ‘what will you be wearing this year?’

As much as I love to keep my finger on the pulse & follow the latest fashions, 2010 for me is really all about individual style, marching to the beat of your own drums as it were.

I remember a dear friend of mine, in the bid to adopt individuality foolishly took a blow-pen to her trainers… To say the result was unsightly is an understatement; rather it resembled skittle-infused hobgoblin sick. Needless to say that the British Weather was nothing but reliable & I cannot for one minute say I was displeased to see the rain wash a stream of red, green and pink down the footpath. Yet her creativity had to be admired.

Not that I’m asking you to go as far as to Crayola you’re coveted Gucci ‘clemence’ platform sandals nor tie-dye your chino’s. In fact, I’m not asking you to do anything. Do what you like. That is the message after all.


Beige Concern

We’ve had tan, cream, natural, sand and biscuit, but this season beige returns to us under a new title –Nude. High end designers such as Miuccia Bianchi Prada of Miu Miu, Calvin Klein and Thakoon all showcased this widely discussed colour, as did High Street brands River Island and Urban Outfitters.


In fact, Nude appears through so many different guises this season it can’t be avoided. But why would we want to with such a vast choice of dresses, handbags, shoes, jackets and tailored trousers available.

But is Nude for everyone? The simple answer is no, but that is not say it should be avoided altogether. The key to success with this colour is to find the perfect nude for you & with so many varieties out there this should be a breeze. Try placing the garment, whatever it may be, next to your cheek. Ask yourself if the colour makes you look washed out, blushed and dull or radiant and glowing.


New Website.

That's right I've got a new website I thought I'd share with Bambidextrous readers.


Okay, so it's nothing to do with Fashion Forecasting but it comes with a message that there will be more great posts up soon, so keep your finger on the pulse.



It’s been almost a month since the last post as I have been exceptionally busy. I just hope it kept you in suspense as now I turn to focus on Military style. And so, stomach in-shoulders back as we explore yet another androgynous based trend.

This trend could only be expected to arrive after celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, and The Killers very own Brandon Flowers both carried off military attire to great effect.

A camouflage palette of Khaki, Sand, Olive and Grey is used through hard wearing materials such as wool, linen, cotton and denim teamed with leather and suede shoes, as well as heavy gold embroidery and mimic metal brooches.

The Military look is crisp and well formed, as well as earthly and untidy, shown via the contrast between navy blue blazers decked with large gold buttons, to the loose fitting of heavy nylon and cotton coats with leather boots.

The fashion focused amongst you likely know of French designer Balmain, whose ready-to-wear collection adopted many elements of this fundamental up and coming trend. Arguably, the most recognizable piece of his collection – a super stylish crystal embellished jacket has been snapped up by A-list singer Beyonce Knowles.

Heidi Mount and Freja Beha Erichsen. Two names you may not be familiar with, but certainly two faces you will recognize glancing from the beneath wool brimmed hats of Chanel’s Autumn/Winter ‘Military Milkmaid’ ad campaign seen throughout the pages of Elle, Love, and many other a magazine. The instantly recognizable pair flout Chanels signature look with jaw-dropping ease. Tailored jackets incorporating mandarin collars provide a masculine fitted silhouette while black billowing skirts add volume as they catch the breeze.

Without a doubt we can expect to see many a style squaddie throughout the British High Street this coming season. So stand to attention, and march those Bertie Leather Boots with pride.