A prayer for your hair

Short hair

Short hair on tall women can look empowering, but sometimes quite masculine. If you have a large scale bone structure, strong cheek bones or a square jaw, it can be feminised by soft makeup and wispy hair styles. Having made this point, please don’t then believe that short hair works exceptionally well for women with the opposite shaped face- a round face. A short hairstyle on women with round faces can make their face seem fuller- you need hair longer than chin length.

Hair that falls right at the chin will emphasize a pointy face.

Short hair will draw attention to your eyes, especially with a side-swept fringe that hits precisely on the eye.

Mid-length hair

On the whole, shoulder length hair is universally flattering on everyone.

Hair longer than chin-length works best of women with round faces.

Long Hair

Very short women should avoid long hair as it draws attention to their height and makes them look like an extra from Grange Hill (a British television drama series centered on the fictional comprehensive school of ‘Grange Hill’ first aired in 1978). This also applies to women with long/narrow faces.

Long Hair best suits women with oval or square faces.

All women should avoid hair below their breasts. My, oh my, although The Birth of Venus is a beautiful painting, leave Botticelli to enjoy the credit.

The ‘V –Cut’ is long in the back and shorter along the sides. This cut works for women with heart-shaped faces (the likes of Claudia Schiffer and Michelle Pfeiffer to name a couple), as well as those with Diamond shaped faces (such as Linda Evangelista).

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