You don’t get a second chance at a first impression…

Do you believe this?

I think as an image consultant I prove this theory wrong on a daily basis. After all, my work (and the whole point of hiring a consultant in the first place), is to have an objective pair of eyes evaluate your current image before advising you on what changes to make towards achieving the end product (whether that is personal satisfaction, recognition, confidence, career progression- whatever!).

Once your image has changed, so does everyone else’s perception of you; how happy you are, how wealthy you are, how fulfilled you are, how relaxed you are, how educated you are… and this list goes on and on.

Even people you may have known for years (like your husband, family, friends or colleagues) will begin to view you in a new light… And so, you have altered their ‘first impression’… What shall we call it? A second impression!!

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