Somewhere over The Rainbow

With such dismal weather we Brits once again have been left disappointed this summer.

However as grey skies hovered above, beneath lay an array of colour in the way we dressed. From Tye-dye to techno, the British High-Street flaunted it all. But what's in store next, as surely the weather can only get worse?

As we head into Autumn/Winter '09 don't be so keen to cast those brights aside as colour is not completely deceased this season.

Peter Pilotto, Erdem & Marni all used vibrant colour in a range of techno-floral print dresses they sent strutting down their A/W runways.

Versace, Gucci, and Emanuel Ungaro too displayed coats and dresses in vibrant colours; blocks of pink, purple and orange. Dior, with an entire ensemble of dresses in various colours, shapes, cuts and lengths involving paisley patterning, luxurious beading, and quantities of light, bright, and flowing material, gave an oriental feel to his runway that astounded many with its sheer energy.

And so, don't feel only grey this season in the wet weather, but rather red with love, pink with passion, green with tranquility, yellow with optimism, and orange with warmth, and somewhere over the rainbow skies may be blue.


  1. A close friend of mine- Claudia, is coming to take some photos to add to this post & others this coming week.
    It's just a friendly thing, but hopefully we will get some interesting images.

    Check them out, these posts are still lacking your views.


  2. Hey Luke,
    You would probably get more comments if you wrote more frequently but life gets in the way, I know. If it is any incentive, I have been getting work from my blog.
    I imagine if your Bambidexterous you should be able to juggle a career and blog at the same time.